BNSF Award

Aguilar Trucking, Inc. is very proud to be have been honored with the BNSF Damage Prevention Award for 1999.

Award Recipients:
Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF), on August 2, 2000, announced eight recipients of the first BNSF Damage Prevention Award. The following companies were recognized for consistently practicing safe loading procedures during 1999: Hub Group, Inc.; J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.; Hyundai Corporation; Yellow Freight System; The Boeing Company; Adolph Coors Company; American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; and Aguilar Warehousing & Distribution.

Award Criteria:

BNSF is composed of eight Consumer Products business segments. Each year BNSF presents "The BNSF Damage Prevention Award" to one shipper in each business segment. The recipients of this award have successfully adhered to approved BNSF and AAR loading methods, number of freight claims filed (not including derailments or theft), and the customer claims to total customer revenue ratio.
BNSF also looks at requests from the shipper for assistance with loading from BNSF's Damage Prevention Services (DPS) and cooperation with DPS in correcting any unsafe loading practices. In addition, BNSF evaluates the number of distress incidents and shipments that are improperly loaded and can shift and create unsafe conditions.

BNSF Award Announcement, August 2, 2000

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